27 July 2010

eat, pray, love.

while reading this book, i kept going back and forth on whether i was actually enjoying myself or not. then, all of a sudden, i found myself slipping into corners of my house just to read a few more pages. i felt like i was living through liz... she was going on adventures that i would love to go on. anyway, i ended up loving it and was sad when it was over. i love this movie trailer, and i love julia roberts. can't wait to see it. oh, and i LOVE this song.


Erin + Geoff said...

when geoff and i saw the preview to this movie at our last movie outing we looked at eachother and said... this movie screams jenna! i love that we both thought that.. wish we could go see it together!

SJ said...

I also love this song. Love you.