26 August 2010

oh sweet baby.

goldie is killing me these days.  she is so hilarious-- can you tell by these pictures that she is a little crazy horse (that's her indian name we gave her)?  I could take photos of her all day long... well, i sort of do, and she loves it.  little ham bone.  she loves to roll around all day long, back and forth, chewing on whatever she finds.  she growls, laughs, talks, and drools.  no teeth yet, and that's okay-- love those gummy smiles.

oh anyway.  just love her.


Ed and Amanda said...

Oh my, these pictures make me want to go do something good for someone so I can see them smile like this. She is too adorable!

jenn said...

shes sooo sweet!!!!! lovin that huge smile!!!! and i am so happy you are not private anymore...i totally understand why you went private....but i sure did miss seeing that beautiful baby of yours!!!!;-)

sam said...

seriously...I love her face.