29 September 2010

hi yooooo.

goldie and i are feeling a little more like ourselves today, which is nice.  i actually showered (serious accomplishment), we went to the grocery store (jake is coming home which means i actually get to cook some meals... i'm really excited), and then of course played on the floor with the toys.  i have a walk planned later for us (get her some vitamin D), followed by dinner with my friend carly who is in town.  it's been a nice day.

we've still got a slobbery and snotty baby girl on our hands.  she's pretty needy and is fighting sleep like she's been doing the past few days.  i just wish those teeth would poke through already.  we shall see.  poor little lady.  oh i just love her, if you only knew.

the menu for the weekend:  flank steak and cheesy baked barley.  shrimp and kielbasa paella.  roast.  avocado salad.  i will be eventually posting the recipes here, in case you're going to want to make them.  and you just might.

these are some photos from the past few days.  taken with iphone of course, because i'm a slacker and my computer makes things really complicated when trying to upload actual photos from my camera.  i'm totally into accepting blurriness and lack of quality.

me and my homegirl.
i think we kind of look alike in this photo.

goldie being a good sport:

the "airing out" photos.  i will eat those buns!

and our prep for europe photos.  new coat and boots to keep her snuggly and warm.
how freaking cute.

these boots are cream by the way, and they aren't ugly.  her hot pants make them look a little crazy.  but are you in love with her pants?  because i am.

here's to a better day!

oh, and my neighbor/great friend tiffany brought me frozen yogurt.  how amazing. 
just what i needed.


holtkamp said...

oh you two are just so dang cute! by the way, i read 'just cook already' but don't comment that often. but i just wanted to let you know i love both your blogs! -jen

Mckenzie said...

you aired out her bum... did you try maylox and vaseline?

Jenny said...

Hey Jenna! I have missed your blog and am glad to be back. Goldie is precious. Congrats on the little bun you have cooking! Such wonderful news!

nicole said...

your blog is soooo stinking cute and i love the babies red jacket!

sonna said...

what a precious little girl! can i have the left-overs from those sweet cheeks you'll be eating? fun to see you back home... wish we could've over-lapped by a couple days :)

Joseph and Katie said...

love those little bum cheeks :) so cute. hope you are feeling okay!