06 September 2010

labor day.

this is how goldie and i spent our labor day.  we started off with an hour and a half walk this morning (it was so nice out), followed by goldie's two-hour nap.  during that nap i updated my blog, paid some bills, and read real simple.  goldie wakes up, eats, relaxes, and plays while i continue the unpacking process (i'm definitely taking my time).  she gets restless and i get hungry, so she chilled in her bumbo while i made myself some food.  she likes gerber puffs, except sometimes she doesn't suck on them long enough and kind of gags them down.  always with a smile though, such class.  it's funny.  then we decided to go outside for awhile-- she is such a wimp when it comes to the sun.  if it remotely gets in her eyes, she squints them shut and smiles real big, like, MOM get that sun outta here!  she discovered grass for the first time and was then ready for her nap, which is now.  again, i am updating my blog (gotta keep dada in the loop with all things), and will continue unpacking.  or maybe nap.  or maybe both.  currently reading the peacegiver and really enjoying it.  ummmm.... yes i believe that is all.  goldie will wake up, i'll make some dinner (thank you mom for your frozen homemade dinners from when i had goldie.  we'll be eating baked ziti tonight), hang out, go to bed.  i really like days like this.  i'd like them even more if jake were here.  soon enough!  ta-ta.

and by the way.  everyone always asks me if goldie has a little personality yet, and the answer is 100% yes.  here is a little video for you.  i could eat her.  well, sometimes i do.



Michael, Mindy, and Dane said...

Love, love that little video. Too stinkin' cute! Is it was weird that it was weird for me to hear your voice? Like, I've been reading your blog forever but I have no clue what your voice sounds like? Hmm. Anyway, I can't believe Goldie still sits in her Bumbo now that she can sit up. My little guy will have nothing to do with the Bumbo now. I guess he thinks he's too cool? Anyway, this is a weird, kind of rambling comment. Enough of me!

Ash & JD said...

ahhhhh I loooooved that video. oh my gosh. she is SUCH a ham. I love her fake little coughs!

Ash & JD said...

ahhhhh I loooooved that video. oh my gosh. she is SUCH a ham. I love her fake little coughs!

jenn said...

OMG i love this post! her faces in the pictures are priceless...and the video!!!!! oooohhhh the video!!! i love listening to babies laugh and giggle! and just be HAPPY!