27 September 2010

a little bit of this, and a little bit of that.

i'm currently on hold with urban outfitters... they haven't shipped me something that i ordered one month ago.  we're leaving for europe next week for a few weeks, which means this gigantic package (not a small item) will be sitting on my porch for who knows how long.  so, that's fun.  working on that. goldie is down for her nap and i have things to do, like, oh, shower.  empty my dishwasher.  put laundry away.  finish goldie's laundry.  eat lunch.  try to figure out how to upgrade my itunes so that i can use it with my ridiculous new phone.  apparently the two aren't compatible anymore because my phone is "too fancy", or whatever.  thinking of returning it.  i had a slight emotional moment last night where i started crying on my couch because i feel kind of lonely and tired.  goldie is my number one friend--we have a lot of fun together.  we laugh and we play and we make our voices go as high as they can.  but i will say that it's nice to talk to adults, sans baby voice.  jake will be home this week (finally), and while the day he arrives can't come soon enough, i am excited to have my best friend/husband/baby's daddy/confidant/dance partner/best kisser/capable of taking boxes and bins up to the attic/back-yard-griller back. i'm starting to feel a little lack of energy, perhaps because of pregnancy?  but i refuse to sit like a bump on a log all day long.  so we go and do things, like go on walks or go out to eat.  i eat out a lot lately, which really is kind of unlike me... i haven't cooked in awhile because i don't like cooking for one.  so that's something else i look forward to...cooking good dinners again because i'll have someone else to cook for besides myself.

goldie has started to crawl and i am beside myself about it.  she is getting so big.  she says "da da" all day long, i kid you not.  i know everyone says that all babies can say "da da" because it's easy for their mouths to form that sound, but she knows exactly what she's saying and who she's talking about.  when we got back to utah at the end of august, she stopped saying "da da" and would only say "na na" (mama) because dad wasn't around.  we went to new york the other week to visit jake's sister and parents and him, of course, and the minute she saw him she started to say "da da" again.  hasn't stopped since.  i think it's cute.  she really does love jake.  so we're excited for this week.  i've had to lower her crib because she sits up super fast from being on her tummy.  that girl can move!  she talks a lot, loves to take the toys out of her basket, loves to eat baby food, cheerios, teething biscuits, and bread.  no teeth yet, just those lovely little gums.  her hair still rocks and she is definitely a snuggle bug.  goldie normally wakes up once in the early morning (usually sometime between 4-6), and it drives me nuts.  she wants to eat, but not really i've learned.  i have been so tired lately that last night i decided to just leave her.  she never cries, just kind of whines.  so right on schedule, 4 am, she starts to whine and whimper and i just laid there.  i realized that by me getting up and actually responding to her probably isn't helping this random habit we've got going on.  low and behold, she put herself back to sleep and woke up at 8, like usual, very happy and ready for the day.  i think after a few days of me not responding to her, she will stop waking up.  that will be lovely.  no matter how she sleeps, she always wakes up excited and smiling.  what a good example, eh?  goldie is so happy all the time.  i want to be more like her.

new york was a blast.  tiring at times, but definitely worth the trip.  jake's dad basically wined and dined us to the hill (which you know i LOVED and greatly appreciated).  jake's sister, brynda, lives in the cutest little apartment in brooklyn on a very charming street.  it was fun seeing jake's family and powing around, acting like we knew what we were doing.  i like new york, but i couldn't ever live there.  too much going on for me.  of course my computer won't upload my photos at the moment, so we'll have to wait for those.

other than that, nothing else is really going on.  i'm happy to be back in my home.  i'll be even happier when jake is back with us. we've got a few trips coming up, plus goldie's first halloween (i've decided to make her a black cat).  so, can't complain.  i'm working on being better about blogging on this here personal family blog.  i'm also working on learning how to use my camera in a more efficient way.  we'll see.  anyway, i should go shower before the bug wakes up.  ta ta!


Sheryl said...

just a good up-to-date post. thanks dear. love the goldie. miss you guys.

jenna said...

love you.

AaReAn said...

oh the last one is hilarious. she is so cute. and so are you! You look just gorgeesimo! really. glowing. Its funny how sometimes we are totally motivated to do things and then other times we are totally NOT. i attribute it to pregnancy, it's a good excuse. however I have been feeling more like that lately then I have my whole pregnancy and I realized that it's b/c I am overwhelmed with things I need to do so I just simply don't do any of them. So I have decided to just take it one small task at a time. lol. simple huh? We'll see! xoxoxo

holtkamp said...

cannot wait to see goldie's halloween costume! :) -jen