24 September 2010

me and my chicks.

{little baby, facing the camera.  face, eyes, mouth, nose, belly. 16 weeks.  little skeletor.}

me and the babies.  goldie and i went to thanksgiving point today and saw some animals-- she was pretty happy about it.  she loves that bjorn, let me tell you.  and then there's the little one, growing healthy and strong.  feel very thankful about that.  i've been avoiding the internet the past week because i swear i sit down to do something quick online, and then an hour and a half later i'm still sitting there, wasting time.  so, i'm taking a break.  life is good though.

when i'm feeling a little more motivated, i'll be back.  give me a few days.

p.s. i'm so sick of this HOT weather.  give me fall already.  i'm serious.


S.N.D said...

Jenna you look great being pregnant and all. Congrats on baby #2.Goldie is still such a cutie!

Alixa said...

Does your title mean you are having another girl???

Jake and Jenna said...

Nope. We don't know what we're having yet. I guess I was thinking more along the lines of me being mother hen and these are my chicks. Ha!

Erin + Geoff said...

you, me, goldie another walk SOON! that was fun.