22 October 2010


it's kind of hard to see because goldie was flopping it around so much, but she loves her puppy.  puppy has become a staple in our home, and goldie literally kisses, hugs, squeezes psychotically, and squeals all over this thing.  we think it's totally cute.  if we ever lose puppy... well, you better pray for us.

i actually have a lot of thoughts that i want to write down, but honestly i feel so completely exhausted that it feels like a lot of effort right now to actually sit down and write a good post.  my posts lately have been sort of lame, i know this.  but this jet lag is killing jake and me.  goldie on the other hand is doing just fine, back on her regular schedule thank goodness.  unpacking, laundry, grocery shopping, reorganizing, playing, eating, cooking, and not sleeping very well, plus a large pregnant body... i am slightly tired, yes.

i have shown so much faster this pregnancy, by the way.  don't mind though, really.  we find out monday if it's a boy or a girl; i usually have a pretty good inkling about what's growing in there but this time i have no idea.  i mean, seriously, no. idea.  so i'm actually excited about a surprise in a few days.  hooray for babies!

anyway, when i find some energy to really sit down and write, believe you me i will.  until then, enjoy goldie and her crazy love for puppy.


thobeka said...

she's so adorable!! hope you get some 'downtime' soon...

Michelle said...

you beat me to the post about the childs obsession with stuffed animals...Brixton LOVES them. We were in a Hallmark store the other day, and he was hyperventolating (sp?) - it was hilarious. Goldie is sooo cute! I love the pics, the blurriness just shows how happy she is!