24 November 2010

giving thanks.

hi, jenna here.  i've been sort of boycotting my blog lately only because i'm too lazy to write all of my thoughts down.  then i realized this is the week to be thankful, although i believe that we should always be thankful, and that i should write some of those thankful thoughts down.  

here's a photo of goldie to start things off.

i won't apologize...  she's to die for.

can't even really put into words how much i love goldie.  there aren't any that are worthy of her, in my opinion.  you know, when jake gave her a baby blessing, he said something that was really profound; something i'll never forget.  jake said that goldie came to this earth to save me, and he was absolutely inspired to say something so personal and so true.  i was in a dark place for awhile there, missing things that were taken from me, finding my way through difficult situations in this life.  goldie came along and somehow calmed me down more than anything ever has.  she gave me a greater purpose than i ever knew possible.  she brought pure happiness and love into our home, more so than we already had.  she made everything better:  her smell, her presence, her smile, her giggle, even her poop made us happy... she literally brings sunshine every where she goes.  if you've ever met her, than you're a witness to this little phenomenon.  goldie is true to her name-- a little ray of golden happiness.  she gets more fun every single day-- crawling around, giggling, flexing her legs and standing on her tippy toes, crawling into walls because she just puts her head down and goes as fast as she can (we got a good laugh out of that one), pulling her puppy along with her wherever she goes, munching on snacks and loving naps and her bottles.  her current favorite thing is bath time.  i love that little squirmy girl.  she has made me better in a million ways.  i could go on and on, but i won't.  not today anyway.

i am thankful, forever thankful, for my sweet goldie jean.

then there's jake, my husband.

i'm not going to write a novel on how much i adore this man... it's a little overkill, in my little opinion, if i were to write 100 paragraphs on how much i love him.  and i could, believe you me.  let's just say that i will have a life full of laughter, support, kisses, love, jokes, spirituality, adventure, relaxation, and a million moments of watching him be the best dad to our kids.

i am thankful, forever thankful, for jake.  nobody loves him like i do.

i'm thankful for this little mrs. growing in my larger-by-the-day belly.  althought i've reached the stage of pregnancy where i find myself moaning or groaning every time i get up off the couch, out of the car, up off the floor from changing goldie's diaper... well, every time i move, really... i remember that there is a sister in there who i already love very much.  i pray for her daily, and i am thankful daily for her kicks.

i am thankful for my family-- my parents, my sisters, jake's parents, his sisters, my brother-in-laws, my aunts, uncles, nephews, niece, grandparents cousins... i am thankful for them because they love me and have loved me unconditionally for as long as they've all known me.  i am surrounded by really amazing examples.  and that, my friends, is something i am forever thankful for.

i am thankful for my beliefs, my freedom, my country.  i'm thankful for those who fight for my freedom and for my country.  i am thankful for the power of prayer and for the love that i know heavenly father has for me.  i am thankful for jesus christ, for his sacrifice and the unconditional love he has for me.

while these are all things that play a huge part of who i am and where i'll go in this life, i am also very thankful for the simple things.

this might sound weird, but i'm thankful that i pee every time i sneeze.  sad, but true.  i'm thankful for that because i remember that the reason that happens is because of the birth of my first daughter.

i'm thankful for my bed.  it is so comfortable, warm, and i know that every night i've got that warm body next to me, stealing covers and sleeping like star shining brightly.

i'm thankful for baby monitors.

i'm thankful for leaves, trees, mountains, grass, snow, rain, sunshine.  i'm thankful for the crisp air of fall and winter.  i love winter because that's when our babies came and will come to us.

i'm thankful for spoonfuls of peanut butter.

i'm thankful for a good meal.

i'm thankful for adventures.  i'm thankful for the opportunities i've had to travel, alone and with my little family.

i'm thankful for movies that make me feel like i can be better.  i love movies that make me laugh and cry all at the same time.  i love movies, and i'm thankful for them.

i am forever thankful for the beauty of reading and writing.  i cannot explain how much i love diving into a good book--it's one of my favorite things to do.  i was blessed to go to a really amazing university where i studied english and editing-- two of my passions in this life.  i learned so much and my love for reading and writing basically exploded.  i'm thankful for this.

i'm thankful for my body, believe it or not.  while it's not always my favorite thing in the world-- my shape is off here, my legs are this or that.. whatever.  i've been blessed with a strong body that heals quickly and can do things that i never imagined possible.  i might not love it sometimes, but i can tell you this:  i would be able to carry my children across the wilderness if it was required of me.  i really think i could.  i'm thankful for this body of mine, and i haven't always been able to say that.

i'm thankful for trials.  i've been through a few things in my short life so far, and my trials started when i was a young and innocent teenager.  i feel like i had to grow up sort of fast-- deal with things that a 15-year-old shouldn't have to deal with, ya know?  but because of the i've experienced in 26 years, i am a better woman today that i would be without them.  when the trial is actually happening, it almost seems unbearable sometimes.  but afterward, somehow and some way, i find a place of understanding and peace.  i know that comes from above, and i always end up being thankful somehow... growing somehow.  life is beautiful in that way, i think.

i'm thankful for water.  i love water.  especially with lemon.

i am thankful for my friends.  i am surrounded by pretty incredible people, and there have been more times than one where i've been lifted up and loved by them.  very, very thankful for good and supportive friends.

it's now almost 1 in the morning and my partner in crime is leaving me to go to bed.  i want to join him.  i'll be continuing this later... until then, have a very merry thanksgiving holiday.  goodnight friends.  goodnight.


holtkamp said...

jenna, what an absolutely lovely post. we really are so blessed! happy thanksgiving to you as well! :) jen

Jessica said...

you are so cute, jenna. and you've reminded me to be thankful for the simple things in life. happy thanksgiving!

Brittny said...

Jenna this is great!!! You are such a wonderful person! Thanks for reminding me to be grateful:)

Brian said...

We are grateful for you too, sweetiepie!!!

Michelle said...

why do I cry whenever I read about what you say about Goldie?! I just love her, and I've never met her! Such a sweet post, and I'm grateful for you and your words. You say things in ways that get to me (in a good way) - they make me ponder..
love you Jenna

Jodi Pitchforth said...

ok now you're making me baby hungry. do babies really make you happier? if so i want one now.