06 November 2010

hunger pains and some love.

it's currently 12:30 am on the dot and i couldn't fall asleep because i was so hungry.  jake and i were just laying in bed talking about all the food we'd love to eat if there were zero consequences to any of it.  we'll leave it at this: we're definitely salt people, with the exception of jake saying that if he could have it his way, he'd eat an oreo/mud pie blizzard every night before bed.  i love that man.

we're leaving on our last big trip before baby no. 2 comes.  sunday we head out.  won't be posting for at least a week and i almost feel liberated that i don't have to worry about any email, blogs... internet, for that matter.  do you feel like the internet sometimes takes over your brain?  me too, and i hate it.  breaks are nice.

i'm leaving  you with this video that my sister posted on facebook.  you've probably already seen it but for some reason it makes me want to cry and laugh all at the same time.  "laughter through tears is my favorite emotion"- truvy, steel magnolias.  anyway, hope you all have a wonderful week.

p.s. you would be really proud at the progress we've made with organizing this house.  we're basically rock stars.  especially goldie.  oh how i love that girl.

off to eat more snacks before sleep.  jake tells me to live the dream and use pregnancy as an excuse to eat whatever i want.  i just might take him up on that.  ta-ta.


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holtkamp said...

hope you had a great trip! i would eat an apple fritter everyday if i could :) -jen

AaReAn said...

gosh I wish my life was this commercial. lol Love it!