09 January 2011

1st year photo booth.

so my friend abby does this sweet tradition where she has her kids take photo booth pictures every year on their birthday.  i love that idea.... so, i'm stealing it.  thanks abby!  anyway, the only photo booth near me is in a nearby mall and they come out super cheesy with these dumb borders: barf.  then abby wrote about photoboother and i swear my life is changed forever.

do you think i'm taking this 1st birthday thing a little too seriously?  ME TOO.  and i love it.  i am going to make sure my kids' birthdays are BIG DEALS in this family.

big deals, people.

goldie's 1-year-old photos booth photos.

taken today, on her 1st birthday, in her high chair during breakfast.
let the celebrating continue!

and well, let's just blow up that last photo for you considering it's to die fore.  i love that smile.


Michelle said...

Jenna, I seriously LOVE this girl...especially her hair! ha! she's adorable!

abbie said...

That face! She is so cute. This is such a fun age. I can't believe it's been a year! V will be 1 on January 20th. It goes too fast! The fact that Olivia will be 3 this summer makes me feel sick to my stomach. No!

Rachel said...

Hey, I sort of found your blog through some other people and I love it. Goldie is adorable and I hope she had a great birthday. Also, I love your hair. :-)

abby said...

goldie you are the cutest! i'm glad you're doing the photobooth thing too. it's been maybe my best decision as a parent. ha!

jenna said...

happy birthday miss goldie girl! we love you!