20 February 2011

she's never coming.

might be pregnant forever.  i've decided to quit thinking about when this baby is going to come because it seems like she's pretty happy and content where she is.  it's hard at this time of pregnancy because you're just so done.  you're hyper-sensitive.  tired.  huge.  in pain.  blah blah blah.  or maybe that's just me?  i wouldn't be sad if she came this week, just saying.

currently obsessing over this photo.  took it last week and i really can't get over how chubby and cute she looks.  i wish you all could see her walk down the hallway, yelling loudly as she moves her little legs faster and faster.  goldie is still loving that puppy, which makes me happy.  she recently learned that a puppy says, "woof woof."  she says, "woo woo" very softly, but still.  she smiles real big every time i ask her what a puppy says because she knows the answer.  it's funny.

goldie is currently mothering 2 baby dolls.  hopefully she'll stick to them when baby comes but i highly doubt it.  i've had a few good friends (3 to be exact) have babies in the last two weeks.  we went to visit my one friend and goldie really wanted to touch her baby a lot.  i allowed her to touch her feet, trying to teach her how to be "soooo soft."  we'll see how it goes with her own real baby.  i've decided i'm going to let her love her sister, not just her feet.  i mean she's already such a good mom to her baby dolls-- makes sense, right?

anyway, i've got nothing to say.  nothing to report.  i made a delicious drink tonight that you should probably check out here.  remember how i have a recipe website?  you should visit often, because there's a lot of good stuff on there.  seriously.

drink looks like this:

 all citrus.  yum.  ta-ta!

p.s. sorry for always posting about this pregnancy.  it's just what i've got going on right now.

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