28 March 2011

Renting out our home

so, we're moving away from utah for good (at least for the next 3 years), which means that we have to leave our favorite home ever.  this is the "bitter" part of our move... this home means so much to me.  it's our first home we've ever owned.  we brought our babies to this home.  so many memories...

okay, can't talk about it anymore at the moment.  
we're moving to San Francisco, by the way.

HOWEVER, this does mean that someone else gets to live here and take care of it.  if you know anyone who is moving and needs to rent a fabulous home (if i do say so myself), then send them my way.

here are a few photos, but i can email more if you're interested or know someone who is.

send me an email and i can give you more information.  thanks!



Mike and Alexis said...

It IS a lovely home, although I would expect no less from you, Jenna! I'm excited to hear more about your move to SF, but I have to say, I'm sad that you guys aren't heading back out our way! Oh well.

J & J said...

Where did you get the awesome white distressed mirror in your living room??! I've been oogling at it for months...!