02 June 2011

hair... and other things.

so i know it's dumb to blog about hair and things of that nature, but let's be serious here... we all care very much about our hair.  or at least i do.  it's been an adjustment to this short do, but i was telling a friend today that this exact day is the first day since the chop that i feel like i've "loved" it.  i live in georgia and it is hot here.  i mean... HOT.  100 degrees (no joke), 100% humidity.  that alone would make anyone want to get the hair off their neck permanently.  anyway, to conclude and skip a bunch of random hair thoughts going through my head, i am happy and satisfied.

my mornings usually start like this... or something similar to this:

isn't annie delicious?  anyway, we're in a pretty good routine these days and it's lovely to finally feel settled and more ready to take on the world.  the adjustment to two chickens is exactly that: an adjustment.  it is busy, it is chaos sometimes, but most of the time i find myself smiling and not even knowing it.  goldie loves annie so much, and annie will smile all day long at goldie if she could.  i'm pretty positive big sister will be the first one to get a true laugh out of little sister.  goldie even talks in a baby voice to her, which kills me because goldie herself is a baby.  i sweat constantly but it's worth it.

we had such a good memorial day weekend... kind of perfect actually.  as you all know, we're not with jake at the moment due to training for his new job.  he got to come visit us this past weekend though and i can't remember a happier time, i swear. it was so fun to just be together, laughing, playing, watching goldie want to go to jake and only jake, watching annie smile at her dad.  perfection, i tell you.  not to mention i got some hugs and kisses that i was really missing.  can't argue with that.

my dad has this kick-a old porsche that he let jake and i take out for bbq.  talk about a fun night.  here we are, wind-blown and sticky.  gotta love the georgia heat. 


like two peas in a pod, these two.  don't they look like twins?  goldie kills me in those sunglasses.

but like all good things, the weekend came to an end.  we said our goodbyes and are back waiting another 5 weeks (at least) before we see each other again.  it's all good though-- we're practically pros by now.

today i ventured out to costco with my chickens... just me.  someone said, "oh come on it's not big deal.  i do it with 4 kids!" i'm thinking... yeah okay but how were you feeling when you just had your little second kid eh?  wasn't so easy back then i'm sure.  freak.  but we did well, it was a breeze actually.  i know not all shopping trips to costco will be that way, but i'm glad the first was so that i don't have a mental breakdown next time i have to go.

in the car.

anyway, my blog is boring because i don't have many new things to report.  just the same old grind.  i'm loving these little girls though.  my kids really do make me so happy, even when they're crazy.

i mean, how can you not smile with these two?  have a great night.


jenn said...

you have the sweetest little girls, i agree, how could you NOT just smile! glad you got a few days with jake!!!!

Sunday said...

loving the hair! you can definitely pull it off. :) i'm glad you got jake back for a while. so nice. --Rachel

AaReAn said...

love it. love the hair. love your cute girls. love it all!

emmalily said...

Your hair is amazing! Love it.

Stefanie said...

love the picture of you and jake! you look so happy!