06 June 2011

it ain't my fault.

annie is busy being your typical, drooly, cute and happy baby while goldie is, well, busy.  these two are keeping me on my toes, that's for sure.  i had a hard workout last friday and i swear ever since then i am feeling so freaking tired.  it's crazy.  it's funny having two kids--i don't think i stop moving from 8 am until 10:30 pm.  changing one diaper, ten minutes changing another, nursing, then feeding goldie her breakfast, lunch dinner, one goes down for a nap and the other wants to play a little bit longer.  then both are napping and i run to crossfit and kill myself for an hour, come home, and it all starts over.  blocks on the porch, running to target, combing hair, playing with bear and kitty, nursing, more snacks, lots and lots of water in this georgia heat, chasing and laughing and playing with the ball.  climbing and falling and kissing boo boo's and hugging and watching sisters kiss and laugh.  dinner is made, bath time for one and then an hour later after big sis is asleep, bath time for the other.  have i showered in any of this?  probably not.  so... yes, i'm feeling tired for some reason.

love these girls.  for real.  love them so much my heart could burst.

p.s. just bought some REALLY amazing earrings from stella and dot.  you should do the same.


Kenzie said...

baby number 2 should be here in two weeks (hopefully less)... any good advice?

Andrea said...

Jenna. Do u have any issues breastfeeding and working out? I'm concerned about my supply.....