28 July 2011

today is one of those days where it's hot out but then the clouds come and it cools off for a second... it makes me want to take the girls to a park, but i know those clouds will only last so long.  it's a lazy kind of day... the house is quiet and it makes me just want to roll around on the floor with my girls and laugh and blow bubbles and play with the doll house and stack cups and twirl.  i woke up feeling more clarity about my life (after i tried to convince annie to go back to sleep while i put my head under a pillow and listened to goldie talking in her monitor... do you ever avoid the morning process like i do?).  

but the clarity came as it always does when i'm feeling a little stressed.  calm down.  breath.  it will all work out.  give people the benefit of the doubt because that's what you want people to do for you.  laugh more.  be patient.  smile.

so, today is going to be a great day.  hope it is for you, too.

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liz said...

it was a great day because it was one day closer to seeing jake!!!

oh and i am at the beach right now .. i will call you this weekend. meow.