26 August 2011

my sister, the artist.

my little sister is mucho talented and very creative.  this is her latest: the butterfly painting.  isn't the detail incredible?  anyway, she is selling them as a print now-- it's really exciting.

nicci over at me oh my purchased one for her daughter's room-- i'm jealous.  i should just make rachel paint me one, i mean she is my sister, right??  anyway, nicci the painting as a jump-start theme at her daughter's birthday party and i thought it made the cutest theme.

rachel's website is in the making, but if you're wanting to jump the gun and make an order and find out prices, her email is robbins757@gmail.com.

i just love it and love her too.

1 comment:

AaReAn said...

so pretty! Love the colors...:-) yay for the sis!