29 August 2011


as i was walking through costco today... i realized i'm a food hoarder.  i like to be well-stocked for a few reasons: 1) just in case people randomly show up and i want to make them something yummy (or use it as an excuse to make myself something yummy), 2) because i don't like to run out of things, 3) in case of disaster.  costco and i... we're good friends.  people have come into my house before and looked in my fridge wondering where my second husband was and my 5 children.  nothing wrong with having things in the pantry my friends.

the girls and i were at costco today, and i was giving goldie a hot dog (essential to each costco trip), which she was downing, and a man next to us sneezed.  she sat there for a minute and i just kind of watched her, wondering what she would do.  all of a sudden her face became like sunshine and her little eyebrows raised and she goes "bress you!!" unfortunately the man didn't hear her, which is sad because she was being oh so polite.  i was proud of her though.  it made me laugh.  we had fun today, those girls and i.  we do well most of the time.

today was a big day for me because i didn't raise my voice once.  it's been this goal of mine-- i try really hard to parent my children the way that i would want to be treated, and i think if someone got mad at me every time i threw something on the floor, well i'd probably keep doing it.  so i tried a different tactic today and she still threw stuff, but not as much.  progress?  i hope so.  i felt my anxiety level rise a few times but i was able to control it and i felt pretty proud of myself.  i really did.  i just love those girls and i want them to always have happy memories... not ones of a stressed out mom.  i don't want that to be me...even though that's kind of how i feel these days.  must overcome myself; not doing too bad i guess.

i didn't have a phone today (and still don't) and it was kind of liberating.  i didn't think about it that much, except for when i needed a map.  so instead i went to mapquest.com and actually wrote out directions.  can you believe it?  i mean when is the last time i did that?  these smart phones are just what they say: smart.  but it was nice to just do what i needed to do and not be interrupted by whatever... checking facebook, instagram, my email... it was nice to be disconnected for a little bit.  i played with my girls more and i got a lot more accomplished in my house.  maybe a lesson learned... just something to think about.

goldie and annie took a bath together tonight-- it was fun.  goldie went crazy with splashing and i kindly asked her not to do it around annie because annie is just so small.  well, she did it anyway.  i gave her a kiss on her head and said, "hey look at mommy.  do you want to get out?  because if you splash again... you're going to have to get out."  she softly said no (which was so sweet i almost died) and only splashed little splashes.  goldie is seriously so sweet.  she is a really good big sister to annie-- and annie loves goldie more than anyone.  anyway, i loved that they took a bath together: the first of many.

do your kids watch sesame street?  mine do.  one episode in the morning, and like a half episode at night to calm goldie down a little bit while i'm putting annie to sleep.  well, there is this episode called "mine-itis" where everyone on sesame street comes down with this disease called mine-itis.... people stop sharing, which is just about as serious as hurricane irene.  all of a sudden everyone is saying, "mine! mine!" to their own possessions and it's a big deal on the street.  WELL.  that episode has been deleted because guess what goldie likes to say now?  MINE.  she said it twice today and i was like... where did she learn that?  freaking sesame street.  i should write them a letter.

remember how i blog about parenting a lot?  that's kind of my world right now, if you couldn't tell.  i also don't have my iphone, obviously, so i don't have any photos from today and it's making me feel weird.  my camera is being shipped to me from my mom's house... so i have no way of taking photos!  except with photo booth on my computer.  soooo, here's my one shot from today.

 goldie learning how to say the word "mine."  awesome.

and anita.  i kind of think we look a lot alike in this one.  hi! straight outta bed!

have a great night.


Morgan said...

I love your updates-so real. I really should blog more not just with pictures-it would probably be a nice release. I can relate (on a one child level) to the sesame street and food throwing. I say "uh oh" every time he throws something and I'm beginning to think he just likes hearing me say that. Ah!

AaReAn said...

soooo few things. 1.can't believe how cute you look in the morning. :-) 2. thanks for your comment...I love this age that sage is at...love love it. and NO its not bad that you want your kids to be a little older...I find myself doing the same thing. Like "ugh sage I can't wait until you can walk so I don't have to lug you around all the time" haha and 3. love your blog posts. just love you! :-)

the end.

AaReAn said...

oh and kudos to you for not raising your voice. I have a feeling that that is something I am going to REALLY have to work on...like really really. :-) it can be done!

michael. mindy. dane. said...

i just loved this whole post. the end.

Rachel said...

So pretty much the only show Syd watches is Sesame Street, and I have totally seen that episode. :) Maybe the next time it comes on I will shift Syd's attention away from the tv haha. And way to go Goldie for being so polite!

jenn said...

finley watches sesame street as well and that mine episode was on the other morning...and it bothered me as well. i was like hey, my kid doesnt need to be taught about "mine" by YOU!...

abbie said...

we are living in the same world, my friend! hilarious about sesame street... total rip off. violet has started saying "mine" too. just whenever she feels like it, she'll say "noooo, it's miiiine!!!" and hoard whatever toys are around. awesome!

Laura said...

I have a little girl the same as your Goldie and for awhile she was so good at not dropping her food on the floor and now all of the sudden she is doing it again. I agree, it's a small thing but it's sooooooo maddening, especially when they look right at you and do it. Well done for not raising your voice, that's hard to do.
So I let my 20 month old was Sesame street too and I can't stand the show anymore. What happened to the good old classic Sesame Street?
I have to say I love your blog. My husband is gone so much and I only have one little darling but I feel like I can relate so much to you. Thank you for being so honest and open. You do such a good job of keeping it real as a mother without being a debbie downer.