01 September 2011

choosing to be positive... sort of.

there are a lot of downsides to moving:  leaving old memories behind, leaving loved ones, packing, finding a moving company that won't screw you over, unpacking only to find things broken and destroyed...

there are a lot of upsides to moving:  new places, new beginnings, meeting new people, going on adventures, unpacking things you haven't seen for months so it feels like you've got all new stuff...

but the best part about moving: throwing stuff out.  organizing.  getting rid of things that have been sitting in your attic for three years.  just sitting there, doing nothing.  i can't tell you how liberated i feel throwing stuff away or giving it away or selling it... whatever, just getting it gone, if you will.  not setting it somewhere else, but literally removing it from my house.  liberation!

it makes me feel clean and happy inside.  the process is annoying but worth it.  maybe everyone should move every 5 years and then we could really generate some good garage sales.

i went into the city today (san francisco... the locals refer to it as "the city".. and i'm kind of local now, right?).   driving in the city isn't my favorite thing.  i swore about 7 times, yelled at a woman for taking my parking spot and said, "don't you know i've got two hungry babies in the back?!?!?".  i yelled at her from my car, closed windows... but i bet she knew what i was thinking.  the whole purpose of me putting myself in that crazy stressful situation is that i found goldie and annie a little kids table, finally. i have been on the hunt on craigslist for weeks now looking for a little table and chairs for the girls to use.  goldie is totally into that right now.  she wants to sit at my computer all the time and pretend to work. she loves to read while sitting in a big chair... and i'm going to re-introduce coloring to her pretty soon here (cross your fingers).  she has a big chalk board in her room, but she's totally into eating chalk and it makes me crazy.  i saw this program on lifetime or tlc or history channel, one of them, and it was about people who had weird addictions.  this one girl had an addiction to eating chalk, like literally eating 2 packs a day.  she also drank laundry detergent.  i've been scarred ever since the chalk thing and now when i see goldie munching on it, i'm like, "holy crap she's addicted to chalk!" she's not really, but you can understand my paranoia after watching such a show.  okay back to the point.  the chalk board has to take a back seat for a little bit because of the chalk issue, so the table is perfect for a coloring book with some crayons and washable markers... which i have yet to purchase.  bottom line, i found one on craigs list from pottery barn: country back chairs, smaller square table (originally i wanted round but whatever. beggers can't be choosers, as they say), white (thinking of painting it sea foam green).  it's perfect.  the man lived north of the city, so on the adventure we went.  lesson learned: never venture through the city during the witching hour: 4-7 pm.  

it's very pretty though, where i live.  almost breath taking.  went over the golden gate bridge for the first time in my life and kind of loved it.  

me: goldie, this is the golden gate bridge.  look at the water!  can you say bridge?
goldie: biiiiiidge! (minus the r)

in other important news:
i ate a very large hamburger tonight that had caramelized onions, bacon, avocado, lettuce, tomato, purple onion and mustard on it.  it made my day.

goldie had a lot of french fries.

annie had milk.  and apples and apricots.

speaking of food, i really want this matrushka lunch sack for both girls.  wouldn't taking a packed lunch to school be so much cooler if you could take it in this?

found at the paper source 

yeah i realize my children are 20 months old and 6 months old.  but i like to be a few steps ahead... and by a few i mean 7 years.
sure miss our dada.... and mama's iphone.



eclaires said...

This post made me happy on many levels. I'm from The City. Yep, born and raised. Kinda proud, just have to say. And I love the matryoshka lunch bag. LOVE it. And love you. :) Prayers have been going your way, just so you know. Glad the transition is going okay, even if it's hard. Viskas bus gerai. Kiekvieną kartą, viskas visada yra gerai... po truputį. You're a strong one, you know. :) Thanks for always sharing honestly.

Much love, Emery

Jamie said...

So I'm trying to figure out where in the Bay Area you are living. I understand that you won't want to put it out there on the blog for safety reasons, but I'd love to know. Facebook me?

As for the rush hour in SF. It starts at 3:00. No, maybe 2:50. I would never leave my house in SF to head up to my parents' in the north bay anytime after 2:30. It's a tricky adjustment to get used to but it will definitely save you your sanity.

Someday when Jake is back and you randomly have a a weekday morning together (emphasis on weekday) go to Mama's in Washington Square for the Monte Cristo breakfast sandwich. My absolute favorite! Cash only and lots of people but so charming and delicious.

Good luck with all of the adjusting. You are a strong woman. I love your blog BTW.