30 September 2011

no, i'm not stoned. i'm tired.

it must be a mom thing, right? nah i doubt that. lately i've been noticing that my eyes turn pretty red at night.  yes, i itch them. but i have never experienced them this red. sometimes i feel like i'm getting old. these photos prove it. it's okay.

i've never been one to be upset about a birthday. i don't mind getting older. i guess i look at my mom who has only gotten better and better every year of her life. she'll agree. so i always hope that every time a birthday comes around, i'm a year older and better than the year before. that's the goal anyway. today was so busy that i hardly even remember what we did. all i know is that tonight got crazy when i finally sold my bedroom set. the woman came to pick it up with no one to help load it. jake is out of town, but luckily we have the nicest neighbors in the entire universe who dropped everything and helped me load the furniture in her truck. while all this is happening, i'm running back and forth grabbing goldie who is running with one shoe on after a ball into the street. she knows not to throw the balls into the street but she does it anyway. sometimes i forget that she's still really little. you know? then annie is crying because it's her bedtime, and some strange lady is holding her (because i had to load furniture, don't worry she was nice). as i'm typing this i realize that i can't really convey how crazy it felt, but basically everything was happening at once while i had two tired, hungry, and crazy girls on my hands. yikes. like i said, awesome neighbors.

then it was bath time...i should have taken a picture of goldie, or should i say orphan goldie. covered in dirt from playing outside, just how we like it around here. gave her some food, fed annie, put them to bed. then i had to clean up the tornado that went through my house...plus the outside courtyard that was crazy from playtime earlier.  the list goes on.

life is just busy with all these little things, you know? we go go go. tomorrow, i'm going to try and just be. just play outside, have some down time... no more go go go. maybe then i won't have such red eyes at the end of the day. hardly attractive.

for now, i'm going to go read in bed and fall asleep. do you have red eyes too?


L and J said...
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Anna said...

you are still beautiful...red eyes and all. (ps-I have two babies and red eyes too!) :)

Lacy Joy said...

I hope I look that good when I am tired:) You are gorgeous:)