19 September 2011

what do you do when it's 85 degrees in september?

you pretend it's summer, of course. it went against all my inside emotions to put goldie in a suit and fill that turtle with water (best dollar i ever spent, by the way). i know it is the end of september. it's supposed to be chilly... the leaves are supposed to be falling and changing colors. we're supposed to have our scarves and jeans on. right? oh yeah, i live in california now where it's sunny always. i am not complaining about that, by the way. i just miss this time of year in utah... and in any other 4-season state-- fall is my all-time favorite. i relish in it, ya know? i know the fall will come here soon enough (i've heard this heat isn't normal for this time of year... must have brought it with me from georgia), and when it does we are going for walks all day long! no naps for you kiddies, you WILL enjoy these leaves! just kidding.

it was a fun afternoon though.  my house is a mess, but playing with goldie while annie napped was a much better choice.  i'm kind of loving that i don't have an iphone... i've been a lot better at using my camera and documenting our lives.  i'm sort of proud of myself.


i could just bite her little nose off.  same profile as we saw when she was in my belly, i kid you not.

i am in love with this photo.  she got so close to the camera that it wouldn't focus... but i still love it anyway.

a big kiss for mom.  love, love those kisses.


Sheryl said...

how do you capture such amazing photos?! do tell...

Rachel said...

Great pics! My fav is the close-up too. :)

LoAnn said...

You are a great photographer and her profile is the same as the ultra sound picture I saw. She is adorable.

Erin + Geoff said...

i'm loving the pictures from your camera and not iphone as well.. in the first picture you can see the drops of water falling from Goldie's elbow.. what an amazing camera.. don't ever take pictures with your iphone again!!! these moments are just TOO precious that you are capturing for the pictures to not come out this clear and perfect.