10 October 2011

annie: 7 months old

hi my sweet annie girl. you are 7 months old already and i cannot believe you are mine.  i am so lucky to have you, do you know?  i have dreamt about you many times, annie, before you even got here.  you were always so happy, so smiley and giggly in my dreams.  your hair was fuzzy just like it is today.  when i finally got to hold you for the first time, i knew you were that same baby that i have been literally dreaming about since high school. your face was the same, your hair was the same.  now that you are bigger and trying to do big girl things, i know without a doubt that you are that same little cotton ball baby that appeared to me in my dreams over the years.

you make us so happy!  you smile so big whenever we come into the room.  you study your dad and lean into to him whenever he's around.  you love goldie more than anyone.  you cackle and kick your legs really fast when she runs towards you to give you good morning kisses.  you snuggle me a lot, which makes me melt.  everyone who holds you says the same thing: "i swear she's looking into my soul." i believe you were sent here to make people feel like they are worth something; to make people feel good and happy and all warm inside.  everywhere we go, people see you and smile so big, exclaiming what a happy baby you are! do you know how much we all love you?

you love to:
snuggle your face right into your blankies
go on walks
sit up like a big girl
play with goldie's star princess wand
laugh out loud, often
eat vegetables (peas and sweet potatoes are your favorites)
eat fruits (you love pears with raspberries and bananas, but you don't like peaches)
drink mom's milk, but only when you're not distracted
smile at strangers
give open mouth kisses
say "mama" (your first word)
say "mmmm" and "num num num" while you eat
take baths with your sister (you don't mind water on your face)
wake up once in the night for a snack.  you never used to do this, but now it's your new favorite thing.
be held. all the time.
do what goldie does... you want to run around with her so bad!  soon enough lovie.

your nicknames are:
the white queen
kicking horse
cotton ball
snow queen
anita jenkins (as dad likes to say)
annie girl
boocha boocha (my name for you... no idea where it came from but it's yours)

your best friend is:
goldie girl

you are at a healthy weight and you're a very good eater.  you used to be the best sleeper but then we moved to california and we're still in adjustment mode i think.

you have two little teeth.  you like to bite me sometimes. more teeth are coming, i can tell.

you are SQUIRMY.  man, you are busy.

you look like your bibby and your papa.  that's what everyone says.  and me.

you get a little shy when strangers say hi to you.  you lay your head on my shoulder but stare them square in the eye.

you love your hands.

you love the bjorn.

you ham it up real nice when i get the camera out.
you've got your mama's eyes and your dada's smile.

what a blessing it is to have you in our lives, anita.  we love you so much.  can't even remember life without you.  happy 7 months boocha boocha.

oh, and don't forget me capturing your first words on camera.  took the breath right out of me.


Michelle said...

she is soooooo cute!

Michelle said...

by the way, Brixton is behind me looking at books and is now saying "mamma" over and over and over after hearing your video in the background!

Stefanie said...

oh my, this video makes me want another one. :) annie is so darling. i hope, you and jake will make a hundred babies more.
i'm sure in a few years a lot of boys will line up to marry her or goldie. :)

Erin + Geoff said...

i love annie. that video is priceless. so amazing you caught her saying MaMa.. you will forever cherish that! Miss you, miss that annie, and miss that goldie. oh, and jake too i guess!! i know that geoff does!!!!

sonna said...
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sonna said...

that was so worth the wait - priceless!! i love how shy she got afterward... what a sweetheart :)