17 October 2011

the city by the bay.

christmas card 2011. we can't get a normal shot.

kind of love this photo.

our new city by the bay. so pretty.


you should have seen her running in the wind. classic.

watching the surfers.

i can basically guarantee that goldie is saying her ABCs while pointing to these letters.  i'm serious.  if she sees words anywhere, she starts pointing and saying random letters. love this girl.

grandpa!  come back! we miss you!

this is what annie did the whole time.  little angel.

then goldie decided to have a public love affair with her "nie nie" (she has 3).

then she proceeded to do this.

last week was pretty fun.  jake had a few days off so grandpa max came into town and we partied.  ate a lot of mexican, played at the park, ate a lot of desserts and ice cream, gave lots of kisses and hugs, went into the city, and i even got to sleep in one day until 11.  what? when is the last time that happened?  honestly i didn't think my body was capable of doing that anymore.  

i was wrong. very wrong. thank goodness.

i'm kind of starting to fall in love with san francisco.  we don't live right in the city (i'm not a city girl...um, and it's very expensive), but we live pretty close where we can drive right in and drive right out. the culture, the people watching (UNREAL), the view, the weather... i love all of it. i really do.  walking the golden gate bridge was fun-- we didn't do the whole thing, but the view was unreal.  we also had the perfect sunny day, which always helps. it's weird to think that i live here now. like, this is not a summer where we're selling alarm systems for 4 months and then we'll go back to our house in utah.  no.  that house is occupied by new renters (finally), and we live here now. this is our home. jake and i keep saying how we really can't wrap our minds around that, but it's true. we'll be here for a good while. goldie will go to preschool here and start dance classes here.  annie will go to nursery in this ward (did i mention i love our ward?) every day i'm here though, i like it more and more. will we be here forever? no. it's too expensive...seriously. i can't justify it.  i won't even tell you what i paid to get my hair done last month.  let's just say i didn't tip because i literally could not bring myself to pay one more dollar. i always tip. bobbi is pretty amazing though (yes, that's bobbi with an I. he is fabulously flamboyantly gay and kind of worth every penny). oh anyway. besides the cost of living, i feel very satisfied and happy with this new little life of ours.

anyway. that's my story for tonight. you really should make that soup below. i finished it off tonight because i simply couldn't help myself.  i followed it with a drumstick ice cream cone (courtesy grandpa max). yikes.  have a good night!


michael. mindy. dane. said...

i kind of think it's unfair how gorgeous your family is!

the pictures are amazing. that one of the bridge is seriously awesome..it should go in a frame.

definitely trying the soup!

Aubree said...

I love SF! You should go to a Giants Game next season...even if u don't like baseball that park is worth going to!
I want to do Crossfit so bad! We are getting ready to move so maybe after?? I worked in a gym daycare for 6 years and they all adjust. I think the main thing is to stay consistent at the beginning so they get used to it faster.

holtkamp said...

love these pictures of the adorable velas!

Britney said...

Is this creepy that I'm posting on your blog? Maybe. But I found your blog through my new friend Alica (is that how your spell her name?) Anyway, I saw the pics of the GG bride and kept reading.

So we are from UT too and moved to the bay 5 years ago. First to Berkeley and then now we are in San Jose. Where are you guys at?

Anyway, I just had to say hi. I hope your not creeped out. I really am a normal person. :)