22 October 2011

double bows and pirate booty crumbs.

goldie wanted to color...she loves to color.  so i brought her table into the living room and let her do whatever she needed to do to express herself.  she has colored on her table before and it kind of bugged me, only because i'm slightly OCD sometimes.  but i've realized that it really doesn't matter.  it is her table, after all. if she wants to color on it, she should be allowed to color on it. she was very focused and very serious. in fact, she is still coloring after taking photos, uploading them, and typing this post.

an appropriate lazy saturday activity, wouldn't you say?

nbokknjbvczzshhyioklob     pm. - from goldie.

the usual daily state of my living room.  this is actually clean, believe it or not.

hope you're having a great saturday.


Ali said...

so cute. love the little "projects". tell me you've discovered the beauty that is the Magic Eraser?! I myself am itching to magic erase Goldie's table and chair because it's so cool. And helps keep the sanity when a project gets too crazy:) Tell Jake Blake misses him!

Jodi said...

ah! her hair is so long. i can't get over how beautiful she is.