11 November 2011


i am thankful for music. in my mind, it goes hand in hand with my love for reading. i can't tell you what certain songs do to me... take me back to happy places, sad places.... make me cry from happiness or from simply being so moved that i hardly know what to do with myself. music takes me to another place entirely sometimes, and for that, my friends, i am thankful.

love, love music. so do my kids and my husband...

just a few of my all-time favorites.

my current favorite. makes me cry every time... makes me want to let go and dance like a crazy person. flo is also amazing in this video because she seriously lets herself go (she's pretty stiff when she performs, which is awesome it its own way). ugh anyway. listen to it loud my friends. listen. to. it. loud. 


AaReAn said...

oooh I listened to it LOUD. :-)
and i loved it.
plus...I love her red hair!
i love how much you love music...I remember when you lived across the way from me you gals were always rockin' out to music. Britney Spears, MJ. ha oh good times.

abby said...

do you have a wicked crush on brandon flowers like i do?