13 March 2012


i am behind, obviously. i haven't stopped blogging, and i haven't started any other blog, just so you all know. i've kind of been boycotting the internet lately for some reason--maybe out of pure laziness, maybe out of spite, maybe out of trying to achieve some sort of liberation from it all. going private is such a hassle and i simply don't feel like dealing with it right now. i will be going private eventually, however it probably won't realistically happen for another month. with that said, i won't be intimidated by all this craziness and i'll keep blogging periodically over the next little while. apparently the person intimidating my life has fallen off the face of the earth, as they usually do when they're caught red-handed. so, whatever. there are big things happening in this house and i'm not going to forget the memories over all of this madness. so, here's an update!

most important announcement of all: little miss annie pants turned 1 this month! we celebrated for two days, day 1 consisting of brownies and day 2 with a real birthday cake. let me tell you about this little sweetie pie:

annie loves to...
dance (she kicks her legs and bobs her head up and down)
weigh 20 pounds (she's a lightweight), but eat everything in sight
scale all furniture
take 1 step so far
play with her sister
smile at strangers
sit with mom if she's anywhere in sight (i'm not complaining about the attention)
read books out loud to herself in the cutest little language ever known
suck her thumb when she encounters anything remotely soft
crawl really, really fast
climb stairs and laugh the whole way up
look out windows
eat grapes and strawberries and bananas and jelly sandwiches... and anything else i put on her tray
drink milk
watch Monsters, Inc. with goldie
clap her hands
play peek-a-boo
say "dada" over and over and over
listen to music when she eats
take car rides in the afternoon
go on walks with anyone who will take her
knock over goldie's block towers
eat cheerios off the floor 
take baths... if she could play in the water all day, she would.

i really could go on and on about annie. as i've said before, she literally is the sweetest little baby i know. she'll stare right into your soul if you let her. she brings this family nothing but joy and happiness. annie is carefree, lighthearted, and very loving. the most cuddly, snuggly baby. 

thank you for choosing us, annie. happy birthday kicking bird.

and then we have our crazy horse, still running around laughing and giggling all the way. however, i happen to love these "serious" photos of goldie. sometimes i love when she's being serious.

this is usually goldie by the end of the day-- crazy, awesome hair and food on her face. i think being a toddler would be very, very fun. and if i was a toddler, G would be my best friend.

anyway. we also went to this awesome indoor swimming place recently and it was wonderful for two main reasons:
1. my children love water... a lot. 
2. taking them swimming wears them out, which is always a good thing.

that's the update for now. all is well. chickens are happy and healthy besides these sweet colds that keep coming back. other than that, not much to complain about these days. 

hope all is well, my friends.


jenn said...

love all the fun pictures! happy birthday sweet annie! time sure does fly!

Sandra said...

Happy belated birthday little Annie! All the best for your wonderful family and you!