17 April 2012

behold, the babies.

my friend abby gave me the idea awhile ago to do photo booth pictures of your children each year on their birthday. genius, right? i've learned, though, that it's not always easy to find a photo booth. and once you do find a photo booth, they are usually ridiculously expensive. this one, for example, cost me $5 cash. $5! lucky i had a few ones on me because i was ready to put in my card. on this particular day, a photo booth photo session was our one and only afternoon activity. it's in a movie theater (which didn't open until later afternoon... found that out after my morning attempt), so the girls were pretty distracted. they wouldn't stay in the booth. i couldn't let just one go running/crawling off while i sat in an enclosed booth with the other. goldie would disappear in a random theater in a heartbeat-- she's adventurous, that one. anyway, so i gave up on the individual shots for that reason and also because i didn't have enough money on me.

i'm happy with the result. this is reality, no?

maybe i can snag jake and try again this weekend. oh how i love my babies.

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