19 June 2012

my chickens

Annie Jane:
15 months and 2 weeks old
walks around like a champion
busy, busy, busy
always wants to do what goldie is doing
fights back when sister isn't being nice
loves bath time, and loves water, period.
is a really good eater
favorite foods include: scrambled eggs, sausage, yogurt, grapes, bananas, hot dogs, graham crackers, strawberries, pancakes, grilled cheese, pirates booty
is the best snuggler in the entire world
lays right down to sleep, never fights it.
goes to bed at 7:30 and wakes up at 9.
takes 2-3 hour naps each day
loves to read books
loves to jump in her bed with goldie
LOVES to be outside, running free
is very adventerous and curious
can say words: night night, nannie (annie), mama, dada, baba, cheese, more, no, car, shoe, book, ball, yay.
loves dogs and cats and babies
sucks her thumb at night and during naps, or when she's tired
gives kisses on command
bites you when she's obsessing over you or excited
loves to dance.
claps her hands.
loves to play hide and seek with goldie in the curtains
chugs water.
isn't afraid of going down the slide
is a free spirit.
is the best little 1-year old ever.

Goldie Jean:
loves to command annie in all things
likes to rub annie's head and say, "aww baby!"
gives annie kisses every night before bed
loves to play with the horse and cow
is still obsessed with cars and baby whales
is a pretty good eater
favorite foods are: hot dogs, broccoli, chicken, grilled cheese, quesadilla, cheeseburger, asparagus, strawberries, chocolate milk, yogurt, cheese, blueberries, grapes (sometimes), pirate's booty, and water.
loves to brush her teeth 4-5 times before bed
sleeps in a big girl bed now and has been for a week. easiest transition ever.
still loves to read books (her favorite is anything pinkalicious)
can imitate every animal
likes to pretend she's a tiger or a lion
can talk like a small human and hold regular conversation
loves to play with flashlights and hide from dinosaurs
goes to bed at 7:30ish and sleeps until 8-8:30ish
still takes 2-3 hour naps every day
loves to pull annie in the wagon
is not afraid of anything
climbs on everything
jumps off everything
asks to go potty on the big girl potty
is mostly nice to annie
knows what "time-out" means
always says sorry and gives hugs after she does something naughty
is friendly to everyone
is the first to say hi
is learning how to share her toys
sometimes runs on her tippy-toes
loves her bibby and papa, and her banka and gamma
loves to face time with auntie jen jen
likes to help me cook (aka sit on the counter and throw sea salt in everything)
always helps me unload the dishwasher and switch the laundry
always throws her go-gurt wrapper in the trashcan when she's done
loves mater with all of her heart.
can sing every song on tangled
knows the words to: "i am a child of god," "i love to see the temple," "give said the little stream," "i'm trying to be like jesus," "i'm so glad when daddy comes home," "twinkle twinkle little star," "itsy bitsy spider."
can say her ABC's backwards and forwards, as well as name any letter you ask her
she can name most of the sounds of the letters
she is an expert puzzler
loves to dance with her mom and sister
loves her daddy more than anyone and gets SUPER excited when he comes home from work
loves to go to the pool
most definitely a free spirit
is the best little 2-year old ever


Alixa said...

Ummm, can we get a video of Goldie saying her ABC's backwards? Super impressive!

LoAnn said...


They are super precious. I can't believe how big they are getting. Wished I could see them. Have fun inHilton Head.

jenn said...

they are getting so big! and still so stinking cute!