15 August 2012

one load a day.

i look at this photo and can't believe how fast my girls are growing. i mean, look how huge annie is. it's such a fun and happy time with them, especially because it's summer which means lots of time outside, swimming, playing, getting dirty, blowing bubbles.... they are also a handful though. "those girls." that's what i always think when they're being naughty or bugging each other.

"those girls."

goldie has been especially dramatic these days. flopping and flailing when she's frustrated, and she does this scream that makes me nuts. of course annie has followed suit. annie has a certain sad cry that she does when she is tired or gets hurt. but she also has her angry cry that literally makes me laugh (i know, i'm so mean). but she cries and yells all at the same time and jake and i can barely keep a straight face when it happens. i've always known girls are dramatic; my mom informed me yesterday that i am the most dramatic out of all of her daughters. i refuse to believe it. ha! but man, it'll be interesting to see how it is with a boy one day (crossing fingers for the little he-runt one day).

those moments with the crazy girls though are few and far between. we definitely have more fun than we do having sad/frustrating times.

so you know how i'm always trying to "simplify" my life (is that really even possible?)
i've started doing a load of laundry a few days a week instead of doing 6 loads on friday. it has made all the difference, i tell you what. i got the idea from real simple magazine and i swear my life is changed forever. here's my laundry schedule:

monday: none
towel tuesday
whites wednesday
girls thursday
darks friday
saturday: none
sunday: none

yeah i tried the alliteration thing but it only worked for tuesday and wednesday. i suggest you try something similar. or maybe you already do this and i'm just seriously behind. either way, i love it. one load a day, done and done. no more laundry sitting in the basket for 3 days waiting to be folded. the good wife prevails!

speaking of good wife, i feel like my hormones are crazy these days. i've had a neck injury for awhile nice (since december of last year) and i've done everything i can think of to fix it. i've started seeing a new doctor who practices chiropractic as well as some holistic practices (muscle testing, all natural supplements, etc) and it seems like we're going in the right direction. but i've been feeling like i need to go all-natural lately, with my body and whatnot. maybe it's the granola oregon air wearing me down, but because of that my body is changing and my hormones are a little all over the place.

why are women's hormones so much crazier than men's? 

working on harnessing that. but it's left me feeling like i'm in a funk, at least for the past week or so. i've been totally unproductive and unmotivated until yesterday when i decided to snap out of it. it's hard sometimes though. you know what i mean.

oh anyway, just felt like sitting down and writing. but mostly, i wanted to share with you my laundry secret. lame, i know.

i can hear annie waking up from her nap and goldie is sure to follow suit. hope this wednesday is treating you well.

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Jill said...

When you going all natural your body will definitely be thrown for a loop and be extra hormornal and out of whack for a few weeks.... Like when you go paleo (at least for me it was a bit nuts the first few weeks while your body cleans out the junk it's holding onto)! But you will be a whole new woman in no time!