10 October 2012


fall is here in oregon and i am so happy about it. we've been layering up and enjoying the incredible weather... sadly, the rain is coming on friday and i'm dreading it. but until then, we're going on adventures through the woods, in the fields, around our little neighborhood, and up and down every slide and swing we can find.

my girls are growing up. some of my favorite saying lately:

goldie girl:

"mom, i sure love you" (with her hands up at her sides like she's saying, "huh?")
"woah, look at the size of that poop!" (mid push on the potty)
"c'mon honey, i'll help you" (to annie)
"no, mom, YOU go potty."
"OW! dang corns." (stepping on acorns with bare feet)
"oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh!"
"oh my shoot."
"mommy, i have some pah-corns please."
"oh that is so awesome."
"oh little baby bookyn so cute" (talking about how cute cousin brooklyn is)
"oh mommy, i so sorry."
"okay okay okay okay okay okay"

...and about any other thing you can think of, she says it. this girl is a serious conversationalist.

annie jane:

"i stuck!"
"bee-at peese!" (bite please)
"up peese" (up please)
"tanks" (thanks)
"air-pannneee!!!" (airplane)
"hand! hand!" (when she wants to hold hands)
"boook peese!"
"mine-nst" (it should be noted that everything she says has an "nst" sound attached to it)

and my very favorite: "no." she says no for everything, even when she means yes.

silly girls. love them so.

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Aarean Jergensen said...

holy cow. could they be ANY cuter!?!?! seriously though Jenna. You and Jakester make cute babies...that's why I think you should have lots. Have enough for all of us who don't want lots haha.