30 July 2008

the little things.

i currently work here:
and have become obsessed with this, which i put on every night before bed:
and this, which i spray on my pillows and sheets before getting into bed:
and this, which makes my hair soft as silk (literally):
oh, and this, which is my favorite thing to put not only on my lips, but also my cuticles:
and speaking of hands, how could i forget this:
next obsession is this:
followed by my all-time favorite product that i will use forever and ever (i recommend it to everyone. it has made my skin feel amazing):
i'm telling you. it's the little things in life.

1 comment:

Jessica said...

jenna, does the whole relaxing power of lavender on pillows work? i am having a hard time falling asleep, but wondering if lavender spray helps.