12 July 2008


dear jenna, this is your conscience speaking. i know you're thinking about cutting your own bangs today, but i highly recommend you hold out until you can finally get back to patrick. you've always said that he is the only one you trust to cut your bangs, so why are you all of a sudden thinking that YOU, a very inexperienced hair stylist, can do the job at the same professional level that patrick can? i would think again before you do it. but then again, you are your own woman. sincerely, your conscience. dear conscience, i am going crazy. i'm cutting my bangs today, sorry. wish me luck. sincerely, jenna


Rachel Anne Robbins said...

dear jenna,
this is your wise sister speaking. the one who always says "dont do it" and you know Im always right. You have an addiction. leave your hair and let it be. im sure ive reached you too late. and if thats the case, my phone is on and ill be awaiting your crying call. good luck and may the force be with you on this one...
the wise one.

katie said...

pictures please