11 July 2008

enough is enough. seriously.

throughout the summer, there have been random days where we have been woken up by the intolerable bumping of bass through the ceiling.  keep in mind this happens around 6:30 a.m.  keep in mind jake usually gets home from work around 10:30 p.m., and as a result we don't normally go to bed until 1:30 or 2:00 a.m.  i am always the first to wake up because unfortunately, i am the lightest sleeper known to man.  watch out future children.  usually when i'm laying there there listening to the bass, i can normally figure out what kind of music it is:  heavy metal...which honestly just makes me even more pissed.  well this morning was a little bit of a different story. 
7:35 a.m.: i hear the bumping.  but this bumping seemed different.... i didn't hear the bass line jumping all over the place.  no...no.  what is that?  wait.  is that.....gospel?  oh yes, my friends, the person above is blasting gospel music and it is literally shaking my walls.  not only can i hear the bass, but today, i can hear the lyrics.  let's just say, he wasn't the only one praisin' the Lawd this mawnin'.
7:40 a.m.:  can't take it.  final draw.  right as i sit up, i hear the man himself who lives right upstairs start to sing along with the choir.  and man is he singing.  i shake my head, put on sweatpants and finally decide to go knock on his door.  keep in mind i never put a bra on.  awesome.
7:42 a.m.  knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock.  no answer.  oh yeah, it's because he can't hear me through the music.  i wait another minute until there is a pause in the song.  knock again.
voice of an old, old woman:  who is it?  who is it?
me: (under my breath) great.  this is going to be awkward.  hi! sorry, it's your neighbor!
door opens.
old little, tiny cute black lady with a white long hair coming out of mole:  (says nothing.  just stares.  awkward)
me:  sorry, do you think you can turn down the music?  my husband works late and i can hear it down in our apartment.
then a voice from inside the apartment starts talking, and i look in.  it's a technician from platinum.  amazing.
tech:  oh yeah, i'm so sorry about that!
me:  no, it's totally ok.  it's just, i can hear the actual lyrics in my room.  it's really loud.  i mean it's great that you're praisin' the Lord and everything, but if you could turn it down, that'd be awesome.
tech:  sure, of course.  i'll turn it down right now.
me:  thanks a lot!
end of conversation.
i walk downstairs feeling quite triumphant.  i have solved my problem probably for the rest of the summer, and now i can sleep in peace for another few hours and feel good about myself in the morning.  i get back in the apartment, jump back in bed feeling quite excited and proud of myself.  at that exact moment, the lawn-care people begin weed-wacking the entire lawn outside of my window.  they also brought their lawnmowers this morning.
i can't win.  freak.


Megano said...

Wait why was the old lady with one of the tecs? Is he old too... this is a very strange story... it seems as though something else was going on something..... not... normal. I'm just sayin be aware;)

I miss my Jenna!

Oh and if they don't stop with the music... the next time Jake gets home wait until right before you go to be and blast musica... they'll get the point:)

Chad and Carly Carlson said...

all I have to say is awesome!

jenna marie said...

bold. i'm proud.

jenna marie said...

bold. i'm proud.