05 July 2008

a very wet and weird 4th of july.

i love the 4th of july. every time a fireworks show starts, i get all emotional and teary-eyed because i get so excited and so filled with pride. weird, i know. this 4th, however, was quite rainy...which at first put a huge damper on things. chad and carly came to visit (which was so fun because we're obsessed with them), but i felt bad because the weather really didn't work out for us. at one point, we were awkwardly huddled up in our blankets trying to keep dry from the rain. we literally formed a dome of blankets with drew drew in the center.....some indian family was taking pictures of us. yeah, amazing, i know. anyway, it ended up raining a little during the fireworks but by that time, i didn't even care. basically, we laughed a lot yesterday and had a lot of fun.
i love how chad is seriously perched on carly in this one.
i think this picture is so amazing, except i sort of ruined it by pulling jake's chin down right before our friend took the picture. you see, jake likes to really raise his chin in pictures and it drives me crazy! so i tried pulling it down last second, which of course sort of ruined it. i still think it's sweet though.


Granttany said...


Chad and Carly Carlson said...

Thanks for the tribute! We are obsessed with you too! Chad says thank you again for making his dream come true! :)

The Young Family Inc. said...

Jenna! You are STUNNING in all of these pictures! I hope my nieces look JUST like you!!

Rachel Anne Robbins said...

thats it. im fed up with my camera. give me all of the details of yours. im buying one. thanks a million.
and i cant wait to come to dc.

s.c.j. said...

we were gonna watch the fireworks there too but didn't want to deal with the crowds. crazy about all the rain, huh?

cute pics!

Julia & Mike said...

It looks like you had a ton of fun! I wish we could have been there!