08 July 2008

80's...and things.

i'm not talking about the decade.  i'm talking about the age.  lately, i feel like i live inside an 83-year-old body...i have found myself saying, "man, my joints are killing me!" or "i wish i could straighten my knee right now."  what else.  i'm working at bath and body works these days (yes, i did in fact get a job) and so, with my employee discount, i bought some fabulous fekkai shampoo.  maybe it will help my shabby hair grow once and for all (it will actually just make it shiny and that's it.)  i'll be honest and say that i'm a little disappointed with the outcome of the bachelorette.  yes, i like jesse well enough, and it seems that he is making deanna quite giddy and excited (which is what it's all about), but i still just love that jason from seattle.  maybe he will be the next bachelor.  all i know is that if jeremy is picked to be the next bachelor, i'm not watching.  he bugs me more than most things and people combined.  my love and dearest friend andrea is engaged, which has me so excited.  i am fully prepared to strap on my dancing shoes for yet another faulkner family get together.  erin is getting married too....you just gotta love it.  i should be doing my children's literature course at this exact moment, but for some reason i'd rather be blogging.  
i am still madly in love with jacob max vela.
my current craves are orange sherbet icecream (which actually is more of a consistent craving than anything else), and pitas with hummus, feta, iceberg, tomato, and spicy mustard.  july is a month of celebration:  my dad's birthday, my dad-in-law's birthday, and my seester's birthday.  so much to celebrate.  i ran sprints yesterday, and no that's not the reason for me being stiff-jointed.  but the sprints were hard.  i could only do four.
sometimes i feel like this blog is all about me, and i am upset about that.  you see, jake works during the day, as you all know, and that means he's often NOT in a lot of pictures.  i looked at my 4th of july post and realized they were mostly me.  how arrogant.  i'm also working on posting my family vacation pictures (obviously jake couldn't come)....so he'll be missing in those as well.  this is my disclaimer to all that i swear i'm not self-absorbed.
this post is so random.  forgive my stream-of-consciousness writing but that's my mood today!  i'm off to be productive.


katie said...

love the random. keep it coming!

Rachel Anne Robbins said...

you are a strange little bug. but ill give you some feed back. actually with the bachelorette ill call you beause im pretty fired up. but cravings.... you should come talk to me about TCBY's Raspberry Sorbet with Gummy Bears on a Waffle Cone. I think about it all the time, espcially when I too am at work washing people's hair and becoming the slave to my own co-workers. You are not self absorbed. But Dave last night was pretty mellow. Bax and I had to sit down for a bit. But the pace was picked up and Dave found his happy place by the end of this night- his old junk that gets everyone.

I have video. Youll love it.
love you.

Canadian Princess said...

I love your posts Jenna...especially your random stream of consciousness ones! And don't worry, we don't think you're self-absorbed!!!

Ani said...

I miss you. We need to chat more. I am sorry you are having trouble that "this ole knee". I am sure I would find a lot of sore joints and bones if I were to walk more than 2 MPH sometime. The last time I really jogged was when I was like 5 months prego and I was like holding my belly with both hands. I was a little scared I would fall on my face/Kate, so I stopped. I never want to run again.
I loved Jeremy. Loved him. Then I second loved Jason. He was cute, loved Ty, the whole package (from the world's POV). I hated Jesse from the beginning. Yuck. More yuck. Did you watch "After the Final Rose"...I wanted to puke a little when they were reunited. BLAH.
Must stay with me/sherri when miss f. gets married.
that pita sounds good.
happy bday robbins people.
love you.
kate just tooted.