08 August 2008

jenna. you dead man?

no, but very busy. will blog soon. forgive me. until then, enjoy this tag (thanks other jenna..muah).
Rules: list 3 joys, 3 fears, 3 current goals, 3 current obsessions, and 3 random facts about your self. Then tag at least 5 people at the end. 3 joys: 1) laying in bed at night laughing my A off with jake. 2) a good, hard run 3) reading a book that i can't put down 3 current goals: 1) be positive, uplifting, fun, and happy...especially around jake 2) be productive 3) eat all food left in house before heading back to utah, which means, no grocery shopping (also requires getting creative with dinners) 3 current obsessions: 1) breaking dawn--read it in 3 days. i'm still thinking about it. 2) volcano no. 8 candle 3) bronze eyeliner 4) and jake...as always. 3 random facts: 1) i never sleep. honestly. i'm pretty sure i need to go to a clinic. 2) i'm o.c.d. when it comes to cleaning. i can't go to sleep with a messy kitchen. 3) my favorite part of the summer is driving back to utah with jake, windows down, good music, and two days of freedom and bliss with each other before school starts again. i tag: katie h, liz p, teri b, brittany b.


Granttany said...

It is SO time that you blog. I mean... I'm practically DYInG.

Chad and Carly Carlson said...

no tag...no love

Michelle said...

when do you go back to utah?