09 August 2008

truly a sight to see.

is anyone else obsessed with the olympics like i am?  the opening ceremony last night was seriously incredible.  i loved watching every single minute of it.  i even found myself crying with all the hope, harmony, and peace symbolism that seemed to be the theme.  the music was amazing; the people of china put on QUITE the show.  if you missed it, you should find it online somewhere and be amazed.
now, this story honestly is just....tender.  i don't like the word tender.  but i can't think of any other way to describe it.  for those of you who didn't watch, this huge man is yao ming, professional basketball player for the houston rockets.  this little guy with him is a little survivor of the earthquake that recently destroyed a lot of lives in china.  he is a nine-year-old whose parents were both killed in the earthquake while he was in school.  as he was pulling himself out of the rubble, he heard the cries of two of his fellow classmates.  he ran back to all the chaos and pulled them out, saving their lives.  when interviewed, he was asked what made him go back and save his classmates.  he said, "well, i'm the hall monitor and the class leader.  it was my job to help them."  sometimes i think the world focuses too much on bad of the world.  as far as i'm concerned, there are way more good people than there are bad.


Becky and Garrett said...

hey jenna! we met briefly freshman year and i think you know my husband garrett. anyways, we were in hawaii last week and we met someone who served with jake... joe fui. thought it was a fun little connection and wanted to let you guys know!

Chad and Carly Carlson said...

I was so just kidding...I just miss you! For some reason I can't get on to Jennas blog still. I am calling you back right after I get out of the shower from a hard day at the pool! :)

Michelle said...

I think they are on almost all day on Saturdays. when I go back from my crazy day yesteday it was 6:00...so the news was on for 2 hours..and they started back on at 8. I was so impatient! See you Wednesday.