23 August 2008

mano lietuva, mano gyvenima.

once upon a time, there was a girl named sister robbins. she was young, vivacious, and had good desires in her heart. she went to live in a place called lithuania, and it looked like this:
and lithuania had really wonderful and unique people like this:
and although sister robbins loved all of these lovely parts of lithuania, places where she walked and talked every single day, the real part of lithuania was here; a place where she lived and taught meek, humble, and beautiful people.
in these domes, she met interesting people with whom she spent some of her days ... one of them was this crazy lady, who never got baptized but still made for some good stories and was wonderful company:
not all of her investigators were crazy though....some were a joy to teach, but they weren't ready either, and that was okay.
and although she often felt heartache for those who weren't exactly ready for the truth, she would look to those who had accepted the gospel for themselves. and she felt strengthened by the members and their faith.
when she wasn't teaching, she often hung around with these guys, and they all served together and loved every minute of it.
and even though she occasionally felt alone
especially in the winter when the sun would set at 3:30 in the afternoon
she always had her pretty, skinny, lovely, bubbly companion to lift her up. there were times where she'd never laughed harder than with this friend, and she was so thankful.
sister crookston often made her jump for joy.
one time, sister crookston and sister robbins went on an adventure and found a special wishing stone where sister robbins spun in 3 circles and wished to marry her favorite boy, jake. and marry they did.
being a missionary in lithuania made sister robbins feel free:
maybe more free than she's ever felt:
and that is something that a whole year-and-a-half later she is forever grateful for.


Meikel and Luke said...

I am SO happy for this glimpse into your life. You are a joyful and lovely person!

Meikel and Luke said...
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Ani said...

I love that story. It is a good one. I especially like the pictures. Perhaps I should send you the pictures I took of you at the temple when you were in the MTC. They are such creeper status.
I love love love the picture of you on the bus. It is just so...so...You!

Michelle said...

what a cute story...i love all the pics from your mission. you're so cute.

Daniel & Kiana Hayden said...

Cute post...I didn't even know that you served a mission! And in Lituania! How cool is that? I have to say, you were the most fashionable sister missionary I've ever seen!

Trevor said...

Ah. my whole family is from Lithuania. You will be proud to know I am well versed in Lithuanian profanity courtesy of my extremely vivacious 92 year old great grandma AND I can cook a mean benduki or cheltabarstew and yes, I have no idea how to spell any of the above.

Andi said...

loved this. what a seriously special time huh? i will always love lithuania and the days of your mission. you were such an incredible missionary jenna and you continue to be an amazing person. love you.