23 August 2008

I am...hopeful. I think...endless, random thoughts. I know...the sky is blue and the grass is green, and that god really loves me. I want...to backpack europe with my husband while he grows a beard and i wear a bandana and never wash my hair. now, please. I have... a beautiful, sometimes not-so-beautiful life. I wish...to never speak badly of others. i also wish i was goose girl. I hate...child abuse. especially public display of child abuse. nothing boils my blood more. I miss... my grandma, more than i can explain. I fear...that i'm wasting time when i could be doing great things. I feel... happy when jake gets home. I hear...crickets. I smell...lime and mandarine. I search...for my soul, for who i really have the potential to become. I wonder...if this summer will ever end and give my jake a break. I regret...not taking the violin more seriously. I love...jake. I care...deeply for my friends and family. I always... love to laugh, eat, and spend time with good, wonderful people. I am not...a good sleeper. I believe...in the goodness of people. I dance... whenever i can....often it's by myself after watching SYTYCD. seriously. I sing... to jake at night in bed and he always tells me i need to calm down. ha! I don't...give to others as i should. I write...on this blog way too often. I win... at paper, rock, scissors. i can read people's minds, or jake's at least. I lose... at brick breaker. every freaking time. I never...eat olives. ew. i do not like olives. or blue cheese for that matter. I listen...when someone needs to talk. i've found i'm a way better listener than i am a talker. I can usually be found... in an antique store. i love, love antiques. I am scared of...wasting my life. I read... any good book i can get my hands on. when i die one day i want people to remember me as "the girl who always had her nose in a book." don't ask me why. I am happy about... my life. i don't have much to complain about. I tag: jake vela (i'm copying brittany...this is my chance to get him to FINALLY write on "our" blog), rachie, katie, jenye.


Meikel and Luke said...

As soon as you get back, you. me. lunch.

Lisa said...

Jenna, this is such a cool post. I love your writing style, and your blog is always a good read (and I am picky). I just adore you and wanted to tell you I think you are wonderful.

Jamie said...

Two things: 1.) My little sister is your blog stalker, and she'll probably kill me for telling you.

This is the type of thing she says, "So, my friend was telling me that they have this delicious low calorie ice cream at Cold Stone. She said she loved it so much that she had to go back twice in the same day." I promptly catch her in her lie and inform her that I know exactly who this said "friend" is--she is MY friend and her name is Jenna Vela. Caught!

Item number two: What is your favorite book of all time? I need to start reading more, and I want to begin with a really, really good one to get me in the mood. Thank you kindly.