25 August 2008


we celebrated rob's birthday on friday night by heading over to dave and busters for some good old-fashioned arcade fun. jessie and i seriously dominated on deal or no deal, as you can see by how many tickets we won (this amount equals $750,000 on the real show, THANK YOU) and of course rob, jake, and spoon entertained themselves with the killing games. hope your birthday was fun, rob!


Michelle said...

you're nuts. i do not hate you. I got your message, and for some reason I thought I responded to it, but must not have. I know I meant to. no worries girl. Don't feel bad, I totally understand!

alisonk12 said...

Thanks for all your posts these days....love the PMS quote on your side bar. I fear that that applies to me some days!! Ali

Reimstar said...

my thumb looks really curly in that picture!~