26 August 2008

grounded and balanced.

guess what? i've had an epiphany (which my sister-in-law jenye helped me with yesterday).  so you know how lately i've been writing about how i feel like i'm stressed all the time about nothing?  and how jake is so laid back about everything?  i've realized that this is the balance i've been looking for!  see, when jake married me, i think he became a little more responsible.  for example, he started being on time for things, he became more aware of stuff happening around him, and he actually registered for his class months before the semester began (which is ground breaking people, i'm telling you).  and then i started to laugh a lot more, and relax a lot more (of course i still had my OCD tendencies that i am actually grateful for), and not take things so seriously.  so what it all comes down to is that jake has rubbed off on me, and i have rubbed off on jake, and we'll continue to do that for the rest of our lives, which means (hopefully, cross your fingers) i will be who i want to be by the time i die!  such good news.  
so i'm ok!  i'm totally normal!  you just don't understand how happy this makes me.  
bahhhhh!  that's all i have to say today.  much love.


The Young Family Inc. said...

I like your font

The Young Family Inc. said...

If you died right now, I'd still think you made it! Jenna- you are wonderful who and how you are. Try seeing thru someone else's eyes honey cakes!

The Young Family Inc. said...

What is "normal" anyway?

Jamie said...

So, so true. Dan is into relaxing, lounging, and watching movies. I'm into being on the go, go, go. Dan helps me chill and enjoy date nights in, and i help him with his adventurous side. Marriage is a beautiful balance.

Also, thanks for the recommendation. I'm looking forward to reading my princess book.

Cami said...

Sam and I are the exact same way....aren't we so lucky to have such funny husbands to balance us out!