27 August 2008


love these guys. we had a BLAST this past weekend in the outerbanks. sure missed teri though. thanks for the picture brit. i totally stole it.
this is when jake was forcing me to be on his shoulders while he was literally drowning in the strong, oh so strong waves.  i was trying to get down, if you can't tell.  normally i would never put a picture of me in a bathing suit out for the public eye, but i think this picture is hilarious.


Michelle said...

okay...no way...when were you at the Outer Banks? cause I was there all last week, and came home on Saturday. We were in Corolla...how random is that?

Becky and Garrett said...

OBX = pure bliss! glad you guys had some laughs.

andrea.roche said...

You two make me smile. Seriously. I only wish we could be real life couple friends and play all the time. Freshman lovers reunited.

The Young Family Inc. said...

we wanna see the jelly fish!!! That guy TOTALLY scored!

callie & steve said...

i love the new blog! very hip!

p.s. how do you do the cool rounded edge thing to your pics. love it.

p.p.s. why did you not come down with your sis to visit! i was totally offended! sike. but really do wish i could have seen you. you missed out on some killer cuppy cakes.