21 August 2008

on edge.

ok.  did anyone watch this INCREDIBLE match?  i was literally on the edge of my seat throughout the entire thing.  tip after tip after KILL after dig after dig...i was dying.  i'm obsessed with volleyball and have loved watching all the events during the olympics, but this match between USA and china was the highlight of my olympic experience.  if you missed it, you should go online and watch these two (kerry walsh and misty may-treanor) kick some serious trash.  i'm so inspired.  and with that, i'm going to the gym.


Meikel and Luke said...

I was jumping up and down like a little girl when they won!

The Taylor's said...

Hye Jenna...sorry for stalking your blog..I like your blog a lot..

By the way...are you guys related to Lyndsi Vela?I just accidentaly click her name on Jessi's blog and I found out that I know her.She's in some of my classes at BYU-H..what a small world!

Anyway take care..

Michelle said...

loved loved loved it. (I am just now checking blogs after a week out of town...so that is why you are getting so many wonderful comments from me). I love volleyball and have loved these 2 for years! It was so cute after the match when Walsh said "it's time to have babies!"

Michelle said...

p.s....misty may is going to be on dancing with the stars...haha!