18 September 2008


dear iphone 3G,
so, you are actually really cool, and i've enjoyed your companionship over these past few weeks.  here is my only concern.  sometimes you randomly freeze....or switch to a black screen for a long period of time.  why is this?  i understand that we are all working towards perfection here (for that is the purpose of life on earth), but aren't you already supposed to be perfect?  i've also noticed that you won't accept my husband's phone calls... you send him straight to voicemail.  do you have a crush on me?  if so, please confess so we can work something out; i really like when he calls me.
your owner.


Michelle said...

that's funny that it sends Jake to voicemail....haha...you're funny

Meikel and Luke said...

so my header: an old calendar, my scanner and picnik! ta da!

Meikel and Luke said...

I love your header! brilliant idea! And yes please, let's have lunch!