26 January 2009

i got nothin. well, somethin.

my blog is so boring. i could take random pictures of me and jake around the house, if that's what you're interested in.  we're not doing anything really exciting these days.  we go to school, jake works, i'm doing TA and editing stuff for BYU, and then we come home and just chill.  we've been homebodies, and actually have been enjoying it a lot.  the only news i have (and it's pretty exciting) is that we are leaving for SAMOA in just 3 1/2 weeks.  we'll first be going to new zealand for 3 days and then heading off to jake's mission for another 2 weeks.  jake is like a little boy when it comes to this stuff...he's just so excited, which makes me so excited.  we feel really blessed that we get to do this---and don't worry, just missing 2 weeks of school.  no big deal.  so that's basically the update.  i promise once something photo-worthy happens, i'll let you know.


Jessica said...

hello!!? that is so exciting! and brave to just go in the middle of school...i love it!

andrea.roche said...

Oh how wonderful for you two! Wait a second, how come you two always get to do such fun/cool things together? Suckers. :)

No but really. Going back to TRevor's mission was incredible. It just really lets you see your husband in a whole new "light." You will LOVE being able to do it. I'm excited for you. And plus, Samoa is so much cooler than Ecuador!

andrea.roche said...

and PS don't worry about missing school. Trev and I are graduated now and wish we would have said "screw u school" a little more!

abbie said...

i love that you guys are still enjoying the cougar married life. enjoy those 2 weeks off school! it'll be worth whatever mumbo jumbo school work you have to make up!

The Young Family Inc. said...

Oh so lucky.

I know you won't forget me.

PS Take antibioticals- pill, lathers, body wash and such (is that a word)

Nicco wants you to bring him a wild boar so he can kill it like Uncle Jakey. Nice.

ashley said...

I don't know why, but I haven't seen your Blog in forever! I miss running into you! Having my little cousin live with your sister makes me feel like we're still connected somehow, though! Don't you just miss our amazing religion class together??? haha. Hope all is well

Breanne King said...

no way that is so fun! I would kill to go! My little bro in law is in new zealand on his mission and i want to go pick him up...an excuse to go.

Can we hang out some time? we can go on a double date, or something?

Rachel said...

Wow, have fun!! That'll be a great experience. Say hi to Mel for me. :)

Ani said...

Dear J and J Vela.
I am jealous.
I want to do fun travels with you.
Have fun.
I am jealous.
The End.
Ani Taylor

ps. i am at carly's! So take THAT!

Grant and Brittany said...

jenna. pig in a blanket!!!???? i am laughing so hard at that. still. and i read it like 5 minutes ago.