28 January 2009

can't focus.

i literally cannot focus on anything i'm doing right now.  i'm supposed to be editing...can't do it.  instead, i've been pretending that i'm on american idol.  i stood up at my kitchen table (with editing stuff untouched in front of me), pretended the judges were asking me what my choice of song was, and i answered (yes, out loud as if they were in the room), "beautiful disaster by kelly clarkson"...(wink wink to simon who made her a star). and then, with the lyrics in front of me on my computer, i belt out every word.  kara, simon, paula, and randy allowed me to sing the whole song because i am that good.
i'm through to HOLLYWOOD baby!
don't act like you haven't pretended before.


Grant and Brittany said...

this is exactly why you are my friend.

Grant and Brittany said...

P.S. i totally was singing and dancing to Celine this afternoon. so ya you are not alone.

The Young Family Inc. said...

I'd vote for you.

Rachel said...

Hahahaha, I love it. I've started to talk to myself more now that I'm home alone a lot. I completely understand.

Andi said...

you can't focus because you know i'm getting on a plane in 5 hours to AMERICA... am i right?

ps... just between us (and your faithful blog readers), when i heard american idol went to slc, i secretly hoped to see you in the preview.

from kabul, andi OUT.

Justin and Julie said...

You don't know me, but I found your blog through some blog surfing :) Your blog makes me smile, and I am blessed by you- therefore, I'm going to follow your blog, if you don't mind!

Have a great Thursday night!