28 January 2009

i want to puke.

my favorite, most beloved magazine of all time, DOMINO, is closing down.  i hardly know what to say right now.  it has been a serious life support and guide for me when it comes to anything decor. read here to see the official announcement.  march 2009 will be the last issue.  
my heart hurts.


Grant and Brittany said...

this is so depressing. i have to say, from reading your book (over and over and over) I have truly fallen in love with them. Seriously. I really have. My heart hurts too. But I really know something that will make you feel better. I'm serious. When will you be home tomorrow? (and no I am not just talking about your book, but yes that is coming back to you tom too).

The Young Family Inc. said...

What't next!?!?!? US Weekly!?!?!??!

the swapps said...

moment of silence...please! this is so depressing it's not even funny. i constantly tell tom, "when we have our own house i am decorating it JUST like this picture in this issue of domino." now what am i supposed to do!? would you recommend i write a strongly worded letter to someone? do i have any influence? ugh. also, i have a subscription that is supposed to go through september. not cool.

also - can we become real friends sometime soon? i am not even joking. maybe i need to e-mail you with the cellular number so i can kick it with you cute girls.

Kyle said...

I am seriously so sad right now. I have a subscription to it and wonder if I am going to get my money back now...crazy! Thanks for letting me know. I will truly miss reading this magazine!