01 February 2009

the art of healing.

i'm blue.  just blue.  and there's not a thing to do [the weepies]. this album helped heal me a little bit tonight.  i'll get back to the blog when i've sorted it all out in my head and heart.  until then, have a good week.


jenna marie said...

i just tried to send you a text. new phone. apparently your number didn't save. UGH. i'm hoping you get this tonight. i have an inkling as to what made you get so down but who am i to know. when you are ready, call me.
thinking of you.
the other jenna.

AaReAn said...

just sending you some loves! :-) HOpe you have a better day!

Kate McNeil said...

jennay crazay,

I loved your comment yesterday. I could just picture you in the cougar computer lab, crossing your legs so you don't pee in your pants. Hahaha. Miss you tons. Hope today was better. Helloooo, you're going to Samoa?! Isn't that something to be excited about?