03 February 2009

oh H.

don't worry.  laying in bed with the worst cramps known to man.  can't move.  can't breathe. just so you all know,  my phone has been stolen.  STOLEN by some PUNK A kids in the mall.  i know who they are, what they look like, and when they stole it.  unfortunately by the time i realized it was gone, they were gone too.  i am beyond words right now.  whhhhat's next.  
it's times like this when i just laugh.  so i'm here, with my cramps, laughing.  won't you join me? i'll let you know when i get it back.  jake sent them a threatening text, so hopefully that will be soon.  it was a very scary text.
oh, and did i mention that a few days ago our downstairs bathroom pipe started to leak really bad when we weren't home? we came home to very wet carpet.  well, now mold has began to set it, and my entire home smells like poop and mold. so, that's pretty awesome too.
AND last night i sweated through my underwear completely.  i woke up with my hair soaked in sweat, my sheets wet, my pillow drenched.  the reason, you wonder?  i had a dream that i was being sent to jail for 7 years. BAH.


Alixa said...

sounds like you are having an awesome day... Sorry about your phone. I hope you get it back. Oh, and Jenna is at the top of my list. Hope your day gets better!

jenna marie said...

but you got to have lunch with the other jenna!! YAY!

Reimstar said...

ohh my gosh! Those little hoodlums! I just sent the theives a text to YOUR phone! I'm confident we'll get it back! In the meantime, I love you.

Joseph and Katie said...

some pills and chocolate. or a bubble bath. i hope you feel better! and what a bunch of punks. seriously.

Grant and Brittany said...

i know just the solution. my gift to you. that i tell you im bringing over every day. today is wednesday and i want to know when you will be home. please check your blog. and also what freaking a$$ holes those kids are right? ugh. i am so annoyed for you.