26 March 2009


we're going here for the weekend.  peace out.


The Longs said...

Wow, I get so depressed when I look at your blog. All it mainly is is fun filled adventures ya'll get to go on, while I'm stuck at home doing nothing and Cameron at work. Enjoy life now w/ no kids and while Jake is still in school :)

SJ said...

Just went this past weekend, it was amazing as always. what a life....sleeping under the stars and jumping in the ARCH!!!

love the one and only,


andrea.roche said...

Okay, so I realize blogs paint such "pretty pictures" of our lives, but seriously, you two are so fortunate to be able to travel so freely and often. sigh.
(Ps I love Moab. I decided to marry Trevor while there.)

Thanks for the encouraging words. I wish we had known each other better at BYU. I really admire you. seriously.

I just said seriously like 4 times I think....sleep deprivation.

Rachel said...

Have a fantabulous time!

abbie said...

yes- we definitely should get excited! do you know where you're living yet? i'm dying to know! email me: abbiemckinnon at yahoo dot com