30 March 2009

bored. so i'm responding.

i've been tagged. so it goes:
him = jakey
1. sitting in front of the tv, what's on? usually gangland, animal planet, or discovery channel.
2. you're out to eat; what kind of dressing does he get on his salad? ranch. or if he's feeling crazy, a vinegarette.
3. what's the one food he doesn't like? that would be macaroni and cheese.  well, he likes it, but he never wants to eat it (and sometimes that's all i want).  jake likes everything, honestly.
4. you go out to a restaurant; what does he get to drink? strawberry or raspberry lemonade.
5. where did he go to school? east lake high school-- washington
6. what's the one phrase he always says? gosh there are so many.  the most recent one is "what up sug"--can't stand that one, and he knows it.  but i'd have to say that his life-long phrase would be: "you gotta live life, taste death."
7. if he was to collect anything, what would it be? guns.  100% guns.
8. what's his favorite type of sandwich? anything with LOTS of meat.
9. what would this person eat everyday if he could? pizza, or ranch doritos with cheese dip. those are the splurges.
10. what's his favorite cereal? probably frosted mini wheats.
11. what would he never wear? emo pants.  never.  ever.  i mean, picture it.  i'm laughing.
12. what is his favorite sports team? jake's not into sports that much.  um, BYU? seahawks?
13. who will he vote for? republican
14. who is his best friend? obviously that would be me. i mean, hello.
15. how many states has he lived in? 3- washington, maryland, utah
16. does he have any nervous habits? no.  jake doesn't get nervous.
17. what could he spend hours and hours doing? watching tv.
18. he is: hilarious, hard-working, loving, patient, extremely giving and friendly, outgoing, a great dancer, mexican, and a really good cuddler.
her = me
1. sitting in front of the tv, what's on? brothers and sisters, the bachelor/bachelorette, grey's anatomy, SYTYCD, desperate housewives, american idol,  biggest loser, anything food network, animal planet, discovery channel.
2. you're out to eat; what kind of dressing does she get? vinegarette on the side.  or sometimes ranch if i'm feeling crazy.  if i was at the cheescake factory eating the most delicious salad in the world--the sante fe--i would get the peanut cilantro dressing AND a balsamic on the side.  amazing combination.
3. what's the one food she doesn't like? green and black olives and oysters.  and beets.  and sweet pickles...yuck.
4. you go to a restaurant; what does she get to drink? water with lemon.  my favorite.
5. where did she go to high school? alan c. pope--georgia
6. what's the one phrase she always says? "it is what it is" or "such is life."  inspiring, i know.
7. if she was to collect anything, what would it be? a never-ending library of books.
8. what's her favorite type of sandwhich? turkey with cranberry sauce and avocado.
9. what would this person eat everyday if she could? chicken taco with avocado.
10. what's her favorite cereal? kix.  with bananas.
11. what would she never wear? dangly earrings.
12. what is her favorite sports team? ohio state buckeyes.
13. who will she vote for?  whoever i believe will be the best for the position.
14. who is her best friend? jacob max vela.  yum.  and probably andrew hillstead.
15. how many states has she lived in? ohio, wisconsin, georgia, utah, maryland = 5
16. does she have any nervous habits? i've noticed lately that i twirl my hair.  weird. i also get very, very quiet.  watch the bungy jumping video if you don't believe me.
17. what could she spend hours and hours doing? reading.  reading.  oh, and reading.
18. she is: in love and cannot wait to graduate in just a few weeks.  


andrea.roche said...

It's quite possible our husbands would be best buds....

Rachel said...

Great pictures! Are these from the family photo shoot last semester? Hahaha, and you do say "such is life" all the time. Or at least you did the last time I saw you. :)

jenna marie said...

i love me some jenna.

*LAYLA and AUSTIN* said...

Fabulous pictures my dear. Inspiring idea.

Jason, Missy and Madden Streiff said...

I'm glad Andrew is your second best friend!! That made me happy!

Cherice said...

U r to cute girl!!! Graduating Soon huh That is so so so awesome

Rachel Anne Robbins said...

you are false on the number of states you have lived in. Wisconsin- FIVE. do you not remember our neighbor who was a witch and the stones she gave us to throw at evil spirits?